We have provided a variety of ways for you to invest your time, talents and resources in defending the orphan. Click "Get Involved" in the above navigation to explore a few!



Your commitment of just $30 a month to our orphanage sponsorship program can help provide for the six most basic needs of a child. Click here to learn more.



Coreluv is deeply committed to the belief that the Church is not fully accomplishing it's mission unless it is investing in the lives of orphans.  Click here to learn more.


Orphan Adoption

Coreluv is committed to developing a culture of adoption both within the local communities surrounding our orphanages and through facilitating international adoptions.  Our Coreluv partners who pursue adoption after visiting one of our orphanages overseas help make this vision a reality. We believe every child deserves a family of its own and we will continue to develop connections and resources to help make this a reality. Click here to learn more.

Financial Effectiveness 

Dedicated support from a select group of private donors covers all of Coreluv's operating and marketing expenses. Literally 100% of every dollar you invest in a Coreluv International orphanage goes directly toward providing for the needs of children in our orphanages. To learn more about our financial structure, click here.

Sustainable Approach

Orphan care takes place in a much broader context involving such considerations as government agencies, local businesses, agricultural issues, and the local church. By connecting with and investing in the above areas surrounding our orphanage communities we are building programs that will last and creating the framework to change children's lives but also to change a nation. To learn more about our model, click here.

Orphanage Sponsorships 

Coreluv works exclusively with orphans, children who have lost all hope. In addition to providing for needs such as clean water, proper food, healthcare, education, and job skills training we provide for an orphan's greatest need: a loving home. As such, in contrast to providing support for individual children, our partners are given the opportunity to support entire orphanage communities. To learn more about our model, click here.