Start a Campus Program

Coreluv International believes college students can make a positive impact on their campus and around the world by defending the orphan. The difference you can make is like no other. You can introduce the orphan to your college campus and we can help you do it.A Coreluv International campus program is simply about you gathering a handful of fellow students who are committed to defending the orphan so that together you can bring awareness and raise funds on behalf of millions of orphans who need you to speak and act on their behalf. Our resources combined with your influence and dedication can change the lives of countless orphans. Defend the orphan on your campus today!

Our Expectations

All officers must maintain a personal relationship with Jesus. There must be a love for Jesus first. Because of this love, a natural response will be to defend the orphan.

Each officer is required to have a same-sex mentor and to also disciple individuals in their relationship with God within their Coreluv campus program.

Meet and maintain school requirements for becoming an official college organization. 

Must have regularly scheduled meetings.

Provide copy of necessary school documents for Coreluv records. 

Must host a minimum of two fundraisers per year (1 per semester).

Must organize one mission trip per year with Coreluv.

Facebook page (must be approved by a Coreluv team member)

The President must communicate effectively with Coreluv.

Be a voice on your campus to defend the orphan.

To request more information on starting a Coreluv campus program on your college campus, please provide the following information: