History of May Match

For the past FIVE years, the month of May has become a time in which we’ve seen God do the miraculous! Because of the faith and generosity of core supporters, we are able to MATCH, dollar for dollar, donations made in May. We call this initiative May Match and have been blown away by the impact it’s made on Coreluv and the communities we serve.

In 2016, the funds raised during May Match enabled us to build our Maissade orphanage. Construction is almost complete and with your help through this year’s May Match, together we will make this a loving HOME for over 40 children. We are excited about sharing the opportunities of how you can help with our future projects in 2017.

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Coreluv wants to equip you with the best resources so you can be a voice to #defendtheorphan! Click here to download your own brochure to hand to your friends and family!

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Your courageous faith and wholehearted obedience will turn a house into a home, provide food and furnishings, and create a safe and loving environment. Click here to make your contribution today!

Maissade Orphanage Project Update

Below you will see the progression of the Maissade Children's Village! From the very beginning where teams are surrounding the tree on the property praying for our children and their future home, to the layout of May Match 2016: Maissade Orphanage Project, and now the current construction of the orphanage. Construction is 80% complete and with your generous donation this year, which is MATCHED dollar for dollar, we can make their house a HOME.