More Ways to Fundraise

"Movie with a Mission" 
Invite friends over to watch a movie and charge an entrance fee designated to Coreluv International. You can be creative and choose an orphan themed movie ranging from Annie to Blindside. 

"Donate Your Allowance" 
Whether it is one day a week, or for one week a month, you can donate your earnings to the orphan. Choose how YOU will designate your allowance to Defend the Orphan with Coreluv.

"Dime Wars" 
Challenge dorm halls, classrooms, or church groups to see who can collect the most dimes. Quarters, nickels, and pennies collected are deducted from the opposing teams total. 

"Find 5 Challenge" 
Partner with a Coreluv orphanage and find 5 friends to do the same!! Learn more about our orphan care partnership program, and partner today here.

"$2 Wage Challenge" 
Did you know that over 3 billion people live off of $2 a day or less? For one day save $2 for yourself in remembrance of those who go without and donate the remaining days wage to Coreluv. 

*Following your fundraiser, please donate finances raised by clicking the button below, and choose the designation "Use my donation where it is needed most."