What is Orphan Care Partnership Program?

Coreluv’s Orphan Care Partnership Program gives you the opportunity to partner with us in meeting the six basic needs of orphans through providing monthly financial support.

What are the benefits of Orphan Care Partnership Program?

All children within a Coreluv orphanage have their six basic needs provided for rather than individual children being chosen and others being neglected. The school, church, water well, community center, and medical clinic established or partnered with for a particular orphanage will benefit a whole community. The community is equipped as an overflow of orphan care partnerships. Partners (churches, families, and individuals) experience a true sense of connection with the children of the orphanage they sponsor.

How to Partner With a Coreluv Orphanage

1: Select an orphanage to sponsor.
2: Commit to an orphan care partnership online.  Click here to get started.
3: Connect with your orphanage.

How to Connect With Your Orphanage

1: Learn about and pray for the children you are providing for. Download a prayer guide here.
2: Follow the development of your particular orphanage through an exclusive Facebook page.
3: Meet the children you are providing for by joining a mission trip. Click here to learn more.

You can help provide the six basic needs for orphans by partnering with an orphanage. Will you partner financially with Coreluv International and commit to sponsoring a Coreluv orphanage?