Founders: Mike and Mandy Reiszner

Mike and Mandy Reiszner, the founders of Coreluv International, have dedicated their lives to ministry. After completing their Bible school training, while still in their early twenties, they served as missionaries with an inner-city ministry in Houston’s Fourth Ward. There, they were able to minister to some of the poorest people in the city.  For 10 years after, Mike and Mandy served as youth pastors discipling young men and women to pursue a personal and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. Mike and Mandy built a youth ministry that was exciting and relevant, while always staying true to biblical principles.

In 2009, God began stirring in Mike and Mandy’s heart a deep compassion for orphans and that is when Coreluv International was born. Almost immediately, Mike and Mandy began scheduling Christian concerts to raise money for an orphanage in Africa. It was a surprise to many of their friends when in 2011, Mike walked away from the American ministry ideal (a secure position in a vibrant and growing church) in order to follow God’s inner stirring to defend the orphan on a full-time basis.

Since June 2011, Coreluv International has grown from an idea to a nationally recognized non-profit organization that provides life-saving care to orphans in Haiti. Mike and Mandy are living their dream with their three children, John-Michael, Bethany, Christian, and will soon be adding Mylove, a Haitian orphan they are in the process of adopting.

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Brian and Kiley Corcoran, Director of Programs

Brian was first introduced to God’s heart for the orphan back in 2013 when he saw Christ through the eyes of each precious child he met in Haiti. A year later, as a commissioned officer in the US Air Force, Brian became an intern with Coreluv working in Haiti where the Lord further burdened his heart to defend the orphan. After falling in love on a mission trip, Brian and Kiley knew they wanted their marriage to follow God’s call to serve the least of these. Their first trip together to Haiti in 2017 was the start of God planting a seed to defend the orphan full time. Brian and Kiley, along with their son, Beaux, have moved to Texas from Colorado to join our stateside staff and serve as the Director of Programs. They are passionate about answering not only the Lord’s call but the orphan’s cry.

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Melissa Posada, Development Director 

In 2013, Melissa went on her first mission trip to Haiti with Coreluv International where she served as a Coreluv intern. During her time there the Lord gave her greater revelation of James 1:27: the true need and mandate to defend the orphan. In the summer of 2016, Melissa served as a Coreluv stateside intern under the department she now joyfully leads. Melissa not only has a deep desire for each child to understand they are fully known and fully loved by God, but also a deep desire for the local church to be a passionate advocate for the orphan. “It fires me up to see our local churches and communities become the voice for the fatherless! If not us, then who?”

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Jason and Tiffany Williams, School of Missions

In 2016, God had a divine appointment for Jason to go to Haiti on a Coreluv trip with his oldest son. With less than a week to prepare and not even having a passport, God established this opportunity for Jason’s eyes to be opened to the orphan crisis and develop a love for Haiti. God impressed upon his heart to follow Matthew 6:33, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” The next year and every year since Tiffany has joined him on this journey and now feel God’s calling to join the team. Their family of 5 is walking in obedience to God’s invitation to go to the mission field. Their passion is to glorify God and make Him known among the nations with a focus toward the next generation and Coreluv’s Transition Program.  They will join Coreluv’s School of Missions, working both on the stateside team and traveling to Haiti until they are equipped and ready to be sent full time.

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Rob and Amber Stuart, Medical Missions Coordinator and Trips Coordinator

Rob and Amber joined the Coreluv team in April of 2018 after having faithfully served as advocates for over three years.  Rob being an ER nurse, uses his skills and connections within the medical field to recruit and lead medical missions teams in providing healthcare to the communities of Haiti.  Amber serves along with Rob on medical trips, but also utilizes her administrative skills in coordinating Coreluv’s Human Resourcing and Missions Trips department.  As of May 2019, Rob and Amber were blessed with the birth of their firstborn, Erin Rose, and are excited to raise their little girl in a missional environment.

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Jennifer Houghton, Executive Administrator | Marketing Department Director

As of February 2016, Jennifer had never read or even heard James 1:27. After realizing that caring for orphans and widows is what God accepts as true, pure religion, she learned what it means to not only love Jesus but live Jesus. Three months after reading that particular scripture, Jennifer joined Coreluv International in helping Defend the Orphan. She has a passion for bringing the hope of Jesus Christ to every orphan in every country that Coreluv works with. The Lord has ordered her steps to be a part of Coreluv International, where she along with her 16 year old daughter, Ashlee are honored to be a part of the mission to see the orphan crisis changed from 153,000,000 to zero. 

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John and Tracy Rizzo, Operations Director

John and Tracy’s eyes were opened to the cause of the orphan, in 2010. They took their first trip to Haiti in July 2011 and knew God was calling them to orphan care in a greater way. Since then, John and Tracy have obeyed James 1:27 by leading trips, raising awareness, and serving as directors of the missions and orphan ministry program in their home church in New York for three years. In 2013, God orchestrated a meeting with John and Mike Reiszner, founder of Coreluv on the rooftop of an orphanage they both worked within Port-au-Prince. Since that meeting, God has opened the door for John, Tracy and their family to move to Texas in August of 2016, and join the Coreluv team.

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Micah and Jada Ennis, Events Coordinator

Micah went on his first mission trip with Coreluv International to Haiti in 2014. It was then that God opened his eyes and heart to the orphan crisis.  Calling him to full-time missions, the Lord planted in him a desire to play a part in bringing restoration to the children in Coreluv’s care. After completing Coreluv’s School of Missions Program, Micah moved to Haiti in June of 2016 for two and a half years.

Jada first felt the desire to pursue mission work at a young age as her mom read stories to her of faithful men and women like Lottie Moon, Nate Saint, and Dwight Moody. When Jada traveled to Haiti as a high-school senior, God gave her a deeper understanding of the reality, purpose, and desperate need for missions, and affirmed His calling to her. As a nurse, Jada hopes to share the love of Jesus by reaching the healthcare needs of widows and orphans in impoverished communities in Haiti. 

The newly-married couple currently serves with Coreluv’s stateside team and hopes to transition to Haiti within the next couple of years. 

“Our desire is for everyone to experience the restorative love of God, and we are passionate about raising up the next generation of world changers.” 

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Helen Daniel, Education Program Leader

Helen retired in 2012, asking God to show her where she could use her time to better serve Him. She asked Him to lead her deeper into relationship with Him through this service that He would show her. A friend who was working for Coreluv invited her to help with raising funds for an orphanage in Haiti and that’s where her journey began.

She began working with her church to raise funds for the orphanage in Mayan, met the staff at Coreluv and went on her first mission trip in 2013. The dire situation of the orphan called her immediately to be a voice for the fatherless.

Helen has volunteered in various capacities at Coreluv, currently serving as the Education Program Leader. Her desire is to help provide a future for our children and allow them to pursue careers so they can be successful in living independently.

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Bob and Nancy Hartman, Transition Program Lead 

Early in their marriage, Bob and Nancy served as houseparents in a transition home for youth, sponsored by a Christian residential center.  That experience showed them the need for loving support and care for children who have experienced abuse, neglect, and abandonment.  Since then, their careers have served children in need, Bob in child welfare leadership and Nancy as a teacher at college and middle school levels.  After retiring in 2014, Nancy joined a mission trip to Haiti and fell in love with the LORD’s work through Coreluv, especially the on-grounds school at Myan Children’s Village.  Bob joined Nancy on a trip in 2015, feeling called to commit their retirement to missions in their local church and to serve the orphan together. Nancy has, since, helped coordinate teams of educators from Houston to provide in-service seminars for Haitian teachers at the Myan School.  She also helps lead the Education Committee.  Bob has helped the Coreluv administrative team with various human resource and organizational initiatives, currently serving as Lead for the Transition Program.  Their shared passion is to help raise children in Haiti to become successful, godly leaders in their own country.  The Hartmans have three married daughters and seven grandchildren.

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Kim Stevenson, Special Need Program

Kim has had a heart for children with special needs for over 25 years, working as an occupational therapist in the underserved population here in the United States, but her passion for the orphan was birthed in 2014 on a mission trip to Honduras.  In 2018, Kim took her first trip to Haiti with Coreluv, serving with a medical team.  She felt the Lord nudging her in the direction of mission work.  It became increasingly clear the Lord had been preparing her path through the years for a time such as this. Using what is in her hands, Kim is using her experience as a business owner, occupational therapist, and teacher to create a forever home for the Coreluv special needs children as they grow into the age of maturity.  Her desire is to provide a safe, loving place for the special needs children as they grow and to empower others, within the orphanage and the local community to care for, understand and serve these children.  Her deep desire is to see each orphan fully understand how completely and unconditionally they are loved by their heavenly father and for that love to overflow to others, allowing them to grow in wisdom and knowledge, and seeking ways to share the Kingdom with others. 

“And may the Master pour on the love so it fills your lives and splashes over on everyone around you…” 1 Thessalonians 3:12 (MSG)

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TJ and Lanie Guidry | Coreluv Children's Village Myan

TJ and Lanie served in youth ministry with our founders, Mike and Mandy, since 2005.  They have always had a heart for serving the Lord and going where ever He was leading.  After their first trip to Haiti in October 2011, their eyes and hearts were opened to the orphan crisis and knew they had to go and do something.  TJ and Lanie served as Coreluv’s first married missionaries.  They returned home to Louisiana to give birth to their first child Hannah.  While back in the states they continued to share the orphan crisis with whoever would listen.  Fast forward to 2018, TJ and Lanie had opened their own construction company, were serving as leaders in their church, and had their second child Logan.  Believing they had to do something more to serve the orphan, TJ and Lanie walked away from a growing business and moved to North Houston to serve the orphan with Coreluv once again.  It didn’t take long for God to reveal that Haiti was where He wanted them.  TJ and Lanie will not only be mamma and papa to our children in Myan but will play a vital role in the discipleship of our English speaking staff and missionaries living in Haiti.

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Hena Bethan Nvmi, India Feeding Center Director 

Hena was welcomed to the Coreluv family through our partnering with her feeding programs, in December of 2016. As director of the India feeding centers, Hena ensures that over 250 children considered “untouchables” and orphaned children in the villages of Motumala, Kothapatnam, and Padarthi, India are receiving a life sustaining meal every day. In her act to defend the orphan in India, Hena enhances the children’s education by teaching them English. Hena shares the heart of Coreluv to see orphans around the world know Jesus through meeting their six basic needs.  

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