Coreluv Casa de Ester | Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Since 2011, Casa de Ester has served as a restoration home for fatherless, orphaned, and sexually abused/exploited girls in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Through the years, the Lord began to refine and grow the ministry to provide even greater hope, rescue, healing, and restoration. Over 42 girls have been welcomed into the Casa de Ester home to receive care and counsel while also being introduced to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In 2013, the Lord led a faithful couple, Michael and Valina Perry, to serve as directors of Casa de Ester and eventually take ownership of the ministry.

In May 2016, Mike and Mandy took their first trip to Honduras, where God united the hearts of Coreluv and Casa de Ester. Through a shared passion to bring the hope and love of Jesus to the fatherless, Casa de Ester is now under our Orphan Care Partnership Program and the Perrys are members of our Coreluv team.

The girls living at Coreluv Casa de Ester have each of their six basic needs provided for, under the dedicated care of passionate Honduran staff – loving, discipling, and raising up each girl in a Christ-centered family environment. Coreluv Casa de Ester incorporates Biblical principles in all aspects of the program in an effort to impact the whole person.

Each girl receives an individually-customized plan addressing:

  • Spiritual & Character Development
  • Social, Emotional & Physical Well-Being
  • Educational Advancement
  • Vocational Development/Training 
  • Transition/Reintegration Goals

In October 2016, Casa de Ester launched its city-based transition home, Casa Legado. In the transition program, each resident can continue pursuing educational/vocational opportunities in a safe, supportive environment under the care and spiritual discipleship of an on-site house supervisor. The transition home is named “Legacy House” with the vision to strengthen and encourage Coreluv Casa de Ester graduates to live lives with abandon for the Lord, leaving a legacy for future girls to follow.

Will you consider partnering with Coreluv Casa de Ester to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to the fatherless, orphaned, sexually abused/exploited teenage girls in Honduras by helping provide their six basic needs?