The Beautiful Letdown

There are so many aspects of my life that have changed since our decision to ‘defend the orphan’ full-time in June of 2011. The excitement I've felt by witnessing the hand of the Lord open doors and move mountains for us has far outweighed my fear of failing. I cannot imagine the disappointment Peter would have experienced had he never allowed himself to be stretched beyond his human ability into the realm of the miraculous by stepping out of the boat. The truth is: Peter did sink. But oh, what a beautiful let down! Peter opened the door for us to believe the miraculous by abandoning himself into the arms of a loving God who desires to make miracles out of us all. The things God has done in such a short time through a group of insignificant people with a heart to bring justice and aid to the orphan has left me humbled and completely blown away. I tell people often that the miracles we've experienced at Coreluv have nothing to do with Mike and me, or the team. Jesus is simply waiting for someone to get out of the boat. It's amazing how you truly FIND your LIFE when you abandon it to something greater than yourself. My human tendency is to hold tightly to the boat, which represents everything comfortable in my life, but in reality it's a futile attempt to protect myself from the dreaded ‘C’ word …CHANGE! I would not trade the past year for anything in the world. One by one I have allowed God to pry my fingers off the steering wheel of my life, leaving it clear for Him to maneuver how He thinks best. I can honestly say the ride has been beautiful thus far, so don't let the fear of failure hold you back from attempting new things for God. Remember, there is beauty to be found in the let downs of life. I am thankful that the arms of the Lord are always there to steady, reassure and challenge me to never fear, never give up and always be willing to step out of the boat!

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