Unsung Heroes

I looked up the definition of an unsung hero the other day and here are some things that popped up:

Someone who is not famous or acclaimed
Someone whose value is not acknowledged
Someone who is uncelebrated

Immediately I thought of missionaries. Ha! Before you think I’m about to toot my own horn or the horn of my husband, hang tight and let me offer you great assurance that I am not…BUT I’d LOVE for you to keep reading!

Everything that is ANYTHING in America — position, success, prestige or power — is usually achieved by those who know how to climb HIGH or, even better, by those who know how to climb high FASTER than others. It’s safe for me to say that “right-side up and rising”is a pretty accurate description ofhow one is thought to achieve the American dream.

But when I look at scripture and read about how the men and women of the Bible achieved greatness, it’s almost ALWAYS the opposite. When I look at Jesus himself it’s about DEITY that was stripped, flipped, poured out and emptied. Is there anything right side UP about this next statement? “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Having said all that, now I’d like to toot the horn of some unsung heroes I know, heroes who are un-famous, un-celebrated and un-acclaimed according to the world’s definition but who are theGREATEST of all in the eyes of Christ:

Jake Sangster, whom Mike and I love and are honored to know, left behind his dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot shortly after it had been offered to him. After his first trip to Haiti, Jake’s heart was wrecked for the orphans, and he exchanged the American dream for an upside-down kingdom. He currently serves as Dad and overseer to our orphans in Haiti. Jake’s the one who is flying high now!

TJ and Lanie Guidry, a newly married couple whom Mike and I adore, gave away almost everything they owned to be Mom and Dad to 29 orphans in Gonaives, Haiti for 7 months. In the course of that time God decided to bless them with a baby of their own. They recently returned to America (Lafayette, LA) to protect and savor Lanie’s new season of pregnancy. What a story they will be able to share with their child one day about the courage Mom and Dad had to GO. We celebrate TJ and Lanie!

Clay King (aka #fearless) bought a one-way ticket to Haiti on his very first trip with Coreluv. Clay served our orphans for 7 months. Everyone who meets Clay gains a friend. Thanks, Clay, for allowing your friendship to enrich our kids as you’ve defended and fathered them this year. We are the rich ones for having had you! Now go get your bride!

May we never forget the missionaries who have given SO much for the kingdom of God. Ours may be the only acknowledgment or celebration they’ll receive. So FOR them…let us SING!

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