You Make Beautiful Things Out of the Dust

I have recently fallen in love with this song by Gungor. Its compassionate lyrics and simple melody stir my senses to recognize beauty in the things and people around me. We should take time each day to IDENTIFY GOD in our surroundings — not only in the beautiful things, but in the less attractive things as well. You see, we were ALL dust at one point, but God is never threatened by dust. In fact, I believe He enthusiastically enjoys working with those who may appear to be less than desirable. There is nothing He can’t breathe on and polish that doesn’t have the potential to become beautiful in its time! I love that about our God!

A little over a year ago, Mike and I moved into our new “OLD” house. Of all the places we’ve lived, by far this has been the most enjoyable! It’s the first time we have NOTbought a newer home. In fact our house is 30 years old and counting. What attracted us was by no means the house itself! Instead, we desired the 3 acres it sat on so much so, that I was willing to overlook the “less than desirable” things that lurked on the inside. Our minds were made up; we were ready and set on having a change of pace plus ample room for our children to run free. I can say with confidence the reasons I’ve enjoyed living here have just as much to do with the lessons I have gained along the way! When remodeling seemed out of the question, I learned lessons about contentment and how to be creative with things that looked old and drab. Although we were blessed to make several changes upon moving in, it’s still so easy for me to zoom in and focus on areas that are, well…still OLD! At this point, I walk outside, sit in our hammock, marvel at the nature around me, and thank God that He makes beautiful things out of the dust! And in its time, this new “OLD” house will shape up just fine.

It’s similar for the orphans in Haiti. Dusty but beautiful, cracked from life’s setbacks, yet they are illuminated by a hope that lies within. We tell people often that God has used the orphan to change our hearts SO MUCH MORE than we could ever bring change to the orphan. We have the privilege of being a part of their world, cherishing the times when we can sit in the dirt with them, looking into their eyes and basking in the beauty of the moment. As we continue to share God’s love with them in tangible ways, I pray He continues to open our eyes more and more so that we may be able to capture EVERY beautiful thing out of the dust!

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