Bring the LUV of Jesus to orphans around the world

And help children just like


Coreluv’s vision is to

Bring the LUV of Jesus to orphans around the world

There are over

150 million orphans

in the world today


will LIKELY never be adopted

Orphan care is our responsibility

“Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the Orphan. Fight for the rights of widows.”

Isaiah 1:17

Your monthly partnership helps to provide an orphan’s


We work in impoverished areas to provide an orphan’s six basic needs and to see hope returned to children, families and communities across the nations.

Clean Water








The unfortunate reality is there are not enough adoptive or foster parents for every single orphan in the world. That’s why we create loving communities!

We work directly with children who have lost one or both of their parents and often lost all hope. A top priority at Coreluv is to provide each of our kids with a loving home!


Becoming a Defender gives you the opportunity to partner with us in meeting the six basic needs of orphans through providing monthly financial support.

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The heartbeat of everything we do at Coreluv is based on our commitment to the orphans in our care and to the communities they live in. Becoming a Defender, a monthly partner with Coreluv, gives you an opportunity to walk alongside us in honoring that commitment. Coreluv not only builds orphanages, we build communities. We train, hire and resource local community leaders and widows to care for our children. We support local businesses and work with the local church. We build schools, water wells, community centers and health clinics. All of our communities are centered around meeting the six basic needs of each orphan in our care.

Your partnership ensures all the children in our care are equally supported through their entire childhood.

We help children through their transition into adulthood by providing life skills, job skills, higher education, and spiritual development.

Partners make an even greater impact by joining one of our trips and visiting the children they are supporting.

Partners can follow the daily life of the community they support through email updates and social media.

We hire in-country staff who are from the local community and with a special emphasis on widows.

Children in our care and children from the community are given the opportunity of an empowering education.


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