Dustin Antle

Marketing & Events Department

Dustin was abandoned as an infant. Nearly two years of age, He was left in a bowling alley parking lot. He was considered to be an Orphan. He went through many, many homes within the foster system. It seemed that no one could handle little Dustin, but with one final call before sending Him off to a group home, He finally fell into the Antle family who welcomed him with open arms and loved him into wholeness. Dustin was diagnosed with a pretty severe case of Non-Verbal Autism with severe abuse trauma. At 12 years old, his ability to speak was restored entirely. God healed him of non-verbal Autism by providing him loving parents that would not give up. His momma knew he was destined for greatness!
After feeling called to Houston, Texas, from Redding, California, Dustin started attending a church where the founders of Coreluv, Mike, and Many Reiszner had attended. He was able to get to know Mike and Mandy and completely fell in love with the vision they carry to defend the orphan! One Sunday, Coreluv was hosting a missions meeting after our church service to communicate travel plans. He was not planning to go on this mission trip to Haiti. While packing up his gear, Mike shouted, “Dustin! Get down here. You’ll be leading worship on this Trip.” Not knowing that Dustin periodically had visions of walking through mud slums with children playing a Guitar and worshipping. Within five minutes of that meeting, Dustin was in tears. Dustin could do nothing but say yes to defending the orphan.
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