Alexander and Cristin Gartley

Alexander and Cristin Gartley

Marketing Director

Alexander and Cristin Gartley have served in ministry since before they were married. For years, they served in youth ministry at their church, leading worship and mission trips. They had a longtime dream of serving in ministry full-time and pursued many opportunities, but were always met with closed doors. They continued serving in ministry part-time, never giving up on the dream.

In 2019, God led Alexander and Cristin through a season of intense prayer as they learned about the orphan crisis. A burden was birthed and a heart formed after God’s heart for orphans. They said YES to God’s call to defend the orphan, and moved to Houston to join Coreluv in August 2020.

Alexander currently serves as Director of Marketing, leading the storytelling of our amazing children and staff in Haiti and South Asia. Cristin assists in the marketing department and helps lead worship at events.


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