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TJ & Lanie Guidry, Coreluv missionaries

TJ & Lanie Guidry


TJ and Lanie have always carried a heart to hear God and obey. It was this heart that caused them to give away all they had and move to Haiti with Coreluv in 2012. After a short season in Haiti, they returned to Louisiana to welcome their beautiful daughter Hannah into the world. During their time in Louisiana, TJ and Lanie served in their home church, started a construction business, and welcomed their son, Logan, to the family. All the while, they knew that God was calling them to a life of missions. In August of 2017, after a quick mission trip to Honduras, they knew God was calling them back to the mission field. By the end of 2018, the Guidry’s had closed down their business and, after a brief stay in Texas, were then living full-time in Haiti as Directors of Operations.

In 2021, after two and a half years of living overseas, another opportunity came for them to obey the voice of God. The Guidry’s now live in Downtown Houston, helping Coreluv launch a local work in the inner city. TJ and Lanie value hearing God’s voice and understand the impact the smallest act of obedience can have in God’s kingdom. Because of this, whether in a foreign land or the fourth largest city in the U.S., they have chosen to go wherever God leads them.

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