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Jacob and Joscelin Reyes

Jacob & Joscelin Reyes

Local Missionaries / Social Media Coordinator

Jacob and Joscelin have been active in serving the local church since before they were married. Jacob has been leading worship and doing photography for years, and Joscelin has always had the heart to glorify God using creative media. Jacob and Joscelin both knew that God would someday place them in full-time ministry.

In December of 2021, Joscelin and Jacob were introduced to Coreluv, and their interest in Defending the Orphan quickly grew. In May of 2022, Joscelin traveled to The Send event with Coreluv. It became evident in her heart that she desired to be a part of bringing the LUV of Jesus to orphans around the world.

In the summer of 2022, Jacob and Joscelin both felt God calling them in faith from their full-time jobs. They did not know that the Lord would provide an opportunity for them to serve on the Coreluv team. Jacob and Joscelin are both serving on the marketing team; Joscelin is the Social Media Coordinator with Coreluv. Jacob also helps lead worship at events.

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