As a Church Family We Provided 2000 Meals for Orphans in Haiti
Dec 11, 2016

I am Tim McKenzie, the youth pastor at New Life Church in Houston. My church recently partnered with Coreluv to help with Defend the Orphan Month 2016.

We had a vision to help some hungry orphans in Haiti, and the church listened. We wanted to show that a small church of 60 can still make a big impact, and today we are proud to say we did!

I presented this crazy idea on October 30th of how I wanted us as a church family to pray for Coreluv everyday at noon. Then, I also challenged my church family to buy a 25 dollar shirt to supply 30 meals for orphans…(little did I know that we actually supplied 40 meals per shirt). I had a goal of 40 shirts bought, but inside I was praying that we at least make it to 20. I didn’t know what to expect. This was something new for all of us.

Throughout the month I would encourage my church to stay diligent in praying and consider buying a shirt for this great ministry. Well, the hard work payed off because not only did we meet our goal, but we surpassed it by 10 shirts!

In the above picture there are about 30 of the 50 people who supported and fed some hungry children this month! Together, as a church family we provided 2000 meals for orphans in Haiti and we are looking forward to doing it again next year!

This is proof that when you present a vision as a VALUE to your church, instead of an event, the church listens and executes. They caught the vision and love for Coreluv in an awesome way that we will never forget! It goes to show that ANYTHING is possible with God.

Defending the Orphan,

Tim McKenzie

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