Back to School: The Season of “All Things New”
Aug 13, 2017

Back to school … the season of “ALL THINGS NEW!!!” New clothes, new shoes and the distinct scent of shiny new school supplies! Those are some of the perks that make ending a carefree summer a little more bearable for kids!  Well, for my kids at least!! But with all of the “NEW” that accompanies my kids going back to school, so does emptying out my pocket book! If I’m really honest, it can feel equivalent to our mortgage, car payment and possibly our electric bill being due all at the same time! God, help us!! And He always has! Even in the knick of time!

As a mom, I am so grateful that my husband and I are able to provide the necessary things our three teenagers will need to go back to school. But our hearts break for the MILLIONS of children around the world who have NO PARENTS to purchase their school supplies for them. Even more heartbreaking, there are millions of children around the world who WON’T attend school AT ALL because they live in a third world country like Haiti, where education is a rare privilege and not commonplace. That reality quickly allows me to realize how greatly blessed we are in America when it comes to routine things like sending our children back to school every year!! We hope you realize it too!

Won’t you help our beautiful children get fully equipped with everything they need to go back to school this September!? Our Coreluv partners truly are the vehicle that God chooses to use to provide love and provision to these kids just like we would for our own! If we came together this month and each gave SOMETHING (great or small), ALL of Coreluv’s children would have ALL that they need to begin school!!!

Perhaps you are also sending multiple kids of your own back to school and money is scarce? That’s okay! Give anyway out of faith even if it’s a small amount and allow your children to be part of seeing your family make room for “one more!” Maybe you are retired and your children are grown and out of the house? What an opportunity to increase your giving during this season by being a blessing to those who need it! I have faith that God is going to provide for every last child this year!! He always does! And He’s always used people!! 

Defend The Orphan,
Mike, Mandy & The Coreluv Team

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