Beauty in the Brokenness
Oct 30, 2016

I was introduced to Coreluv through my line of work as a graphic designer and marketing professional. Several years ago I helped A21, a human trafficking organization, with the branding and design work for their non-profit.

Coreluv was seeking to redesign their website and branding, and learned of my company through A21. Mike Reiszner shared the vision and purpose of Coreluv and introduced the possibility of us working together in the area of design and marketing.

While hearing the vision of Coreluv, I was impressed by the heart, passion, thoughtfulness, wisdom and transparency that flows throughout the organization. The team carries an unwavering desire to directly funnel the resources they gather into caring for orphans. The uniqueness of Coreluv’s model and the value they place on relationships, led me to play a part in the call to defend the orphan.

Working closely with Coreluv introduced me to the names and stories of the children they care for in Haiti. However, nothing compares to actually traveling to the country, sitting in the dirt, learning about the stories, and meeting the children.

This August I was finally able to do that. I saw the desperate need for touch, attention, time, and compassion. When you are in Haiti, you see a lot of beautiful things: the landscape, the mountains, and the beach. You also see a number of broken things. There is a deep hurting and brokenness on the inside and on the outside. For me, it was very powerful to see God in all of it. Jesus is very comfortable in the beautiful beach that he made for us to enjoy, and he is very comfortable with the least of these. 

Back home I have a 7 year old nephew and he is at the age where he loves to help and contribute and be a part of everything the adults are doing. He wants to be involved. For example, while at the grocery store my nephew will put his hand on the shopping cart and whip it away when my sister tries to steer because he wants to be the one to learn and participate. I also see that same deep desire to learn and be involved in the young kids in Haiti. While working on projects in Haiti, God showed me that allowing the kids to be a part of what is happening is more important than the end result, than finishing a construction project. It is allowing the kids to be a part of a team.

Those distractions that come in the middle of your ministry, often are your ministry. I see that the children Coreluv cares for are hungry to be a part of a team and of something with significance. Seeing that similarity through my nephew and the children allowed me to see through God’s eyes. In one respect God sees that they were once malnourished, sick, and in desperate situations. Beyond that though, God sees that they are significant and carry a specific purpose He has placed on their lives. There is beauty in the midst of brokenness.

In that sense, this trip has shifted the lenses I look through. Orphan care is no longer an abstract concept. I know now that I am working for Jupiter. This change in perspective makes it much more personal and much more real.

Brian Giboney

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