Celienne’s Story
Feb 12, 2021

Celienne’s Story

This Valentine’s Day season, we like to share a story of how God’s heart for the least of these has brought transformation to a precious girl named Celienne.

In 2014 we learned of a five-year-old girl named Celienne (pronounced Sill-ee-in). She was raised by her father who had to leave her for days at a time, so he could work to provide for her. Because she had spent more time with animals than people, Celienne had developed many animalistic behaviors. This is not a good situation for any child, let alone one on the autism spectrum. It was clear she needed a loving home that could provide full-time care, so she was brought into the Coreluv family.

When she first arrived at Coreluv’s Myan Children’s Village, Celienne would growl at other kids, stick her face in her food to eat, and have long emotional outbursts. Over the first few weeks, our staff spent time patiently praying with her every day. We quickly began to see the restorative work of Jesus in her life. She began to eat with silverware and her long outbursts began to shorten. 

After a year in her new family, she was enjoying some alone time on the swings. One afternoon, children were playing soccer when a stray ball flew in Celienne’s direction. Unaware, Celienne was hit in the back of the head. Normally this would have caused her to have an emotional outburst that could last the rest of the day. Everyone held their breath, waiting to see just how bad the reaction would be. Celienne stood up from the tire swing, waved her finger, and mumbled something. She then turned back around, crossed her arms, and sat down, letting out a big “humph”! Everyone was shocked! She had expressed herself and that was it. No crying, no fit, no screaming. She was learning to process her emotions. Celienne is being restored!

Today, we are believing for the continued restoration of Celienne, as we continue to see healing and growth in her life. Her story is a testimony of the power of prayer and the LUV of Jesus! We pray that one day Celienne will be able to share her own story and be a voice for the voiceless and forgotten.

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