Coreluv before and after Harvey & how God miraculously answered our prayers!!
Sep 26, 2017

Like a flood…  a phrase that holds newer meaning than ever before to so many in Houston, Texas. It’s a statement we’ve all heard and has probably rolled off of our own lips a time or two while in casual conversation. But hearing that phrase NOW is just DIFFERENT!  And so are SO MANY Houstonians after Hurricane Harvey rocked their world!

The day before Harvey was scheduled to make land fall further down the Texas coast, our stateside team gathered together for a time of prayer and worship in our offices before our weekly staff meeting. Unknowing to us, the young man leading us in worship that morning began to play the song “Like A Cloud” by Elevation Worship. It is a song filled with lyrics intricately describing a mighty flood. Our hearts were moved and our prayers came into agreement that God would indeed send a great spiritual rain that would touch our region and specifically our hearts!  Although the song itself refers to a spiritual flood, the irony was, none of us knew after singing it that particular morning that an actual physical flood would soon come pouring into our city.

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