Do you DEFEND?
Nov 28, 2017

Throughout the years Knights, Soldiers, Police officers, all have been part of a synonymous vision, to DEFEND and to protect those whom they were called to serve. And I imagine those whom they were called to serve were extremely grateful because of it!! Aren’t you thankful we still have defenders watching over us today?!

My husband, Mike Reiszner, was speaking to a church congregation a couple of weeks ago during Coreluv’s Defend the Orphan Month this November. He was expounding upon James 1:27; the verse in scripture that defines what true religion is, to visit orphans and widows in their distress. What he expounded on next moved me!!

Did you realize that the ancient translation of the word religion found in James 1:27 actually means “WORSHIP?”  It could literally read like this, TRUE WORSHIP, in the sight of God our Father, is to visit orphans and widows in their distress…

James was NOT AT ALL talking about singing songs here yet that’s how quick we sometimes solely categorize the definition of worship today. Although singing songs out of our adoration for God is both biblical and holy, the point James was driving home was that we mustn’t STOP there!! We must carry Jesus to a helpless and hopeless world!! That’s our mandate from God and in essence our truest act of worship! COME ON!!!

It gets even better!  The translation of the word visit found in James 1:27 means to LOOK AFTER and to CARE FOR?  When we ask people to help us defend the orphan, we are in reality asking that they’d help us to “look after” and  “care for” our precious children God loves so much!!

You may be thinking, “How can we do that?”

I’m SO glad you asked!!

This is Coreluv’s GREATEST need!  This is also how James 1:27 drives us into ACTION! The BEST way you can DEFEND THE ORPHAN with Coreluv is by becoming a MONTHLY orphan care partner!  Our Orphan Care Partnership Program is the vehicle which allows us to TANGIBLY provide these six basic needs for our children:

We can not say enough how GRATEFUL we are to each one of our orphan care partners who give monthly so that our children are properly cared for!  To all of them who are WITH us DEFENDING our children, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!!  If you are not yet a Coreluv Orphan Care Partner, we’d ask that you’d become one with no apologies!  Our children are worth it, and MORE are IN NEED of partners!  For as little as a dollar a day, you can help save an orphan’s life!  You can sign up here: Orphan Care Partnership Program

With God, ALL things are possible!  He has been SO faithful over the years to DEFEND our children, by continuously moving through the worship of His people; His LUV expressed TO us, an expression THROUGH us, to others!  So honored to be a part!

Defending the Orphan,
Mike & Mandy Reiszner

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