Every Kid Deserves Better
Sep 19, 2016

4 years ago I (Cristy) was part of a bible study and at the end the teacher asked what do you think God is calling you to do?

This was difficult for me because I felt God saying I needed to go on a mission trip. I had always wanted to but never pursued it, so I said, “let’s go God.” After speaking with my church leadership at Stonebridge Church, they helped me find an organization.

God worked in perfect harmony as I have always loved kids. Through relationships at Stonebridge, I was given Brent Call’s contact information and spent time getting to know him and his wife. Brent and his wife Leslie have been part of Coreluv since the organization was founded and are full-time staff members.

Our family went to lunch together and found a mission trip with Coreluv at the first opportunity in 2013.

I fell in love when I came to Haiti. Before the trip, I read through the entire website and knew about the children. It was amazing to see the kids from the Coreluv website in person. I knew I needed to come back and returned that Christmas. We spent Christmas with the children . . . it was wonderful!

I Couldn’t Stay Away from Haiti 

At Coreluv’s first gala, during the silent auction there was a trip available to Haiti. I bid and knew I was going to win because it was a trip for two and would provide more encouragement for Brian to take his first trip to Haiti!

I knew if I could get him on a trip it would completely change him the way it had affected me!! And it worked!

Since we had a trip for two, my husband Brian, came for the first time. We stayed for 9 days and built the pirate ship in the playground at Myan. During that trip, I was pregnant with my daughter so it took two years to come back and as of writing this I am sitting in the new guesthouse. It is beautiful and expresses God’s love.

As Much as I Love Haiti, I Know Coreluv Needs Support Stateside 

My husband and I are donors and continually support Coreluv. We also share our heart for Haiti with all of our friends any chance we get. At our church we are large advocates and were fortunate enough to lead a trip this past summer with our small group. In 2017, we plan to bring another group to Haiti.

We have also helped with fundraisers to support Coreluv.

Brian participates and leads the Coreluv Fantasy Football League. We are going to continue the league and have a vision to make it a big fundraiser every year.

I volunteer weekly to help with the Coreluv store. There are many ways to get involved state-side.

We come to as many Coreluv Family Days as possible to spend time with the staff. Coreluv is much more than a trip or two to Haiti. The organization has a family feel and all of our goals are the same, defend the orphan. We have been connected to the orphan crisis and have built amazing relationships that will last a lifetime.

Sometimes People Ask Me, Why Have I Become so Involved?

The answer is simple: because of our children. I get to go home and rock my children to sleep, love on them, put them to bed at night, and feed them. Orphans do not have that without Coreluv. I come to Haiti and sing to them, kiss their boo-boos, and treat them like my children.

Every Kid Deserves Better

There is a family environment with the organization. We believe in the cause but we also believe in the people. A cause compounds more when it is important to you along with people who we call family.

It is not the corporate environment, you get to see it first-hand. Coreluv is very transparent and you see where your funds go.

For everyone reading just go on a mission trip! There is no reason not to, you can make excuses, but it will change your life forever.

You will experience love that will change your perspective. Share your time with the children to learn the name of an orphan and form relationships.

It is also great to bring your kids and start them young on mission trips. We brought our son for his first trip and want to take him every summer which will create lifelong connections.

At home, we can lose perspective and here it all changes.

Cristy and Brian Stanley

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