Becoming Open to Receive His Purpose
Jan 22, 2020

Words can’t describe the week that I’ve just experienced. The love and hope that I felt will never leave my heart. God works in such amazing ways, and I am so thankful for him choosing me to do his work in the capacity he has asked me to. I’m amazed that it took a mission trip for me to be able to hear the voice of God once again, but if I can think of one word that I left understanding, the word would be purposed.

Everything that God does and plans for our lives is purposed and is meant to come to pass. God reminded me to trust in his process and his plan to be ok with not knowing where I’m going, but knowing God is always there wherever I’m going, and I know and plan on going wherever the Lord directs me. I’m so thankful for the hearts and love of the orphans, and they opened my mind and heart to extents that I never thought possible. I remember when I first went on a mission trip with Coreluv, I was afraid and timid, and I wasn’t open to everything the country of Haiti was offering. But this year, I prayed to God, asking him to give me an open heart and mind for every child. Going into this trip with that mindset changed my perspective of how I viewed the orphanage, the children, even the village itself. I was able to become more of a vessel to others instead of pouring into myself, and that was just because of the decision I made to become open to the new things and new people that came along with going to Haiti.

If I encourage you to do anything, it would be to have an open heart and mind in every part of your life. There are many things that the Lord is speaking to you about, and it’s not only on a mission trip. It can be at home, work, school, church, and wherever else you find yourself on a day to day basis. The Lord creates opportunities for you to share his love and his story to the people of the world that need to hear about someone up above who cares and loves you no matter what happens in your life. Then God asks each one of us, “Are you open?” Are you open to sharing my story? Are you open to defending the orphan? Are you open to getting a little uncomfortable? Are you open to love on that person? There are many more scenarios I can list, but the overall goal is to become open to the many different aspects of life so God can use you to become the light in someone’s life. Here it says in Psalms 119:18, “Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.” I pray and believe that you will be able to become open to the many new things that God has set before you in life.

Gabby Quintanilla

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