God never meant for us to do life ALONE.
Oct 9, 2016

Only weak people think they are strong enough to do ministry alone. -Tim Delina

What a powerful statement!  It’s so true!

God never meant for us to do life ALONE.

But for whatever reason, being relational can be a struggle for many. Maybe someone has been betrayed by a close confidant in the past and they’ve erected a wall which prevents them from engaging into meaningful relationships?  Or possibly they’ve developed an independent attitude where they feel like they don’t NEED anyone so they refuse to receive advice from others? Whatever the reasons are, the day we STOP learning from others is the day we stop LEADING.

I just returned from a women’s conference in Louisiana. It was my sister in law’s conference that I attend every year for the purpose of staying connected to her and allowing myself to receive wisdom, encouragement and advice from her and the other women there. One of the underlying themes of the conference seemed to be understanding the value of your God given relationships.

Coreluv places extreme value on relationships. For as long as we’ve existed, we have had the belief that God would provide everything we would ever need through relationships. And He has!

He has done it through churches and families, business men and business women, doctors, lawyers, nurses and teachers.  I can not stress the importance of stewarding our relationships well.

If you’ve ever taken a trip to Haiti with Coreluv,  you’ll remember us sharing the story about the widow found in 2 Kings chapter 4. The widow had nothing to her name EXCEPT a small portion of olive oil which she needed to make one last meal for her and her two sons before they died.  What the widow did not foresee at the time was that God was going to multiply her resources through the simple relational act of borrowing vessels from her neighbors.

It really is that simple. ONE relationship stewarded well has the potential to produce the MIRACLE.

In the widow’s case, if she had not nurtured and honored the people around her, she would not have been allowed to borrow vessels from them during her time of need.

So how are you at stewarding your relationships?  Did you know God places people around you for your GOOD?  Do you see the importance of allowing others to bring strength, encouragement and expertise into your life?  And do you also see the value of being that vessel of encouragement and strength to others?  Try investing into one of your relationships this week.  You’ll be better because of it!

Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. – Ecclesiastes 4:9

Mandy Reiszner

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