God Still Works Miracles: History of May Match
May 8, 2017

Over the six short years of Coreluv’s existence, one thing we KNOW: God still works MIRACLES! In fact, Coreluv’s journey has seemed like one big miracle after another! That’s exactly how we feel! God’s miraculous power NEVER. GETS. OLD!!! We are just SO thankful that God has allowed us to be a part of it!

Looking back, May Match originated from a divine appointment that led to a financial miracle! I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in Haiti, and it was my last day there; I was scheduled to fly back to Houston the next morning. That’s when the owner of the mission house where I was staying insisted that I meet a couple who had just arrived a short time earlier. I did not quite know at the time why he felt the need for us to meet, but after sitting on the back porch talking with this couple for several hours, it was EVIDENT that GOD was in the middle of it!

This couple was from Atlanta, Georgia. They traveled to Haiti because they felt like God was asking them to partner with a specific organization on the ground there that cared for orphans. In fact, this couple had spent years supporting and serving an orphan ministry in Zambia, Africa.  Now, God was asking them to expand their resources to Haiti because God had a need for them there, too.  They arrived in Haiti laser-focused, believing they would soon meet that specific organization God wanted them to connect with. Out of our divine meeting on the back porch, they connected with Coreluv, and May Match was birthed!

It wasn’t long after I returned to Houston when this new relationship I had made in Haiti challenged me that for every dollar Coreluv raised for the orphan in the month of May, they would match it up to 50,000 dollars! They may have well said, “For every million dollars we could raise,” because that’s what it felt like back then! How in the world would an organization our size raise 50,000?  We had more teenagers and twenty-year-olds in our boat back then than working adults!

As you can imagine, this match created quite the MOTIVATION for our team to begin a series of fundraisers that allowed us to reach out to our individual relationships ONE BY ONE until God brought in ALL the necessary funds we needed to care for the orphans He entrusted with us!  In fact, Coreluv not only raised 50,000 dollars that first year, but we raised OVER AND ABOVE!! GOD. NEVER. FAILS!!!!

Every May since then, God has been faithful to bring a team together to keep the May Match tradition alive by contributing to it!  There are specific goals we believe God for each year that will help take care of the needs of our children. Last year during the month of May, Coreluv raised 100% of the funds needed to begin and complete the construction of eight individual-style homes for our forty orphaned children in Maissade, Haiti. AMAZING! This year, we want to make it their HOME by providing all of the furniture, bedding, and beautiful decor items needed to make it a peaceful refuge for them!

It really is unbelievable to think that through our past Month of May matches, God has used ordinary people with the resources necessary, whether small or large, to take care of the needs of our children! There have been many times in our weekly staff meetings in Houston where we STOP and GIVE GOD GLORY, and THANKS for the many miracles He’s provided over the last five years! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever; He never fails!!!

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Defend The Orphan,

Mike and Mandy
and The Coreluv Team

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