Hope Arising!
Aug 1, 2016

Aren’t you glad that the hope of God is still arising over people today?

A hope that appears out of the darkness and seems to ascend even against all odds?!  Allow me to share with you one of the beautiful stories of hope occurring within the community of Myan, Haiti,  a village that has experienced its share of hopelessness in the past, but today, a NEW DAWN is RISING!!!

Meet Oxillin and his family!  

Oxillin is the Father to four beautiful children in the community of Myan.  Today, like many days, Oxillin is searching for work on the streets to try to provide for his family. His main profession is plowing the ground for crops like rice and corn. During the rainy season Oxillin is hard at work. Unfortunately, outside of the rainy season, it’s almost impossible for Oxilliin to farm making it very difficult for him to make ends meet. Because schooling is so expensive in Haiti (especially when compared to the daily wages he brings home), Oxillin was only able to send his oldest son to school.  Could you imagine having to choose to send only ONE of your children to school?  How difficult that must have been for him!!!

THANKFULLY, hope arrived for Oxillin’s family! In 2014, with the help of God and our faithful partners, Coreluv opened the doors to its school in Myan, Haiti.  Today Oxillin is able to send not one, but ALL of his school aged children to school!!! Oxillin’s children are the FIRST to ever to go to school in his family.  Neither Oxillin, nor his brothers, sisters, mom, or dad were ever afforded that opportunity. For him, the Coreluv school has broken down walls of hopelessness which have existed in his family through generations past.

“My children now have hope for their future.  Their education will provide them with more job opportunities which will one day allow them to better provide for their families.” -Oxillin

(Here the children are pictured inside of their home where their red school uniform hangs on a makeshift clothes line above them. Something they can be proud of!)

Not only is the Coreluv school bringing hope to orphans, it is also providing enormous hope to families in the surrounding community as well, a community so poor that the majority of its children were not receiving ANY education at all prior to the school being opened.  Those statistics have changed within the last two years and it’s been absolutely breathtaking to watch!  Inside of a tiny village called Myan where there seemed to be no hope at all, HOPE appeared!  Out of poverty, out of difficulty, and into the hearts of children and families that same hope is still ARISING today!  And most importantly, many of these children and families are seeing Jesus for the first time, the TRUE HOPE OF THE WORLD!  Won’t you prayerfully consider bringing hope to more families just like Oxillins?

Right now, Coreluv is inviting 300 people to help send 300 of our children back to school by giving 50 dollars. If just 300 people gave 50 dollars, we’d easily meet our back to school campaign goal of providing each of our students with: two uniforms, shoes, school supplies and a backpack.

  1. Visit coreluv.org/make-a-donation
  2. Enter your payment information
  3. Designate your donation to “Back to School”

Thank you for bringing hope to these children,

-The Coreluv Team

Honored to write for Coreluv,

Mandy Reiszner 

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