How important is purchasing a Coreluv Back to School kit?
Aug 27, 2017

How important is purchasing a Coreluv Back to School kit?  It’s as important as Watson!! If you are not familiar with Watson’s story, please make time to read it!  Watson lives in Myan, Haiti; the village where Coreluv’s school exists. Watson was one of the first kids we ever met after first stepping foot in Myan back in 2012. Watson’s mother had passed away and he lived with his Father in a tiny, make-shift house right on the outskirts of our current orphanage.

Although his father loved him, he could not afford to send Watson to school. An even harder reality was that Watson’s father could not even afford to buy clothes for Watson. This truth broke our hearts and was one of the many reasons we were BEYOND JOYFUL when Coreluv built and opened the doors to a beautiful school in Myan, Haiti a couple of years later. Through this school we are able to educate not only orphans, but also hundreds of others just like Watson who were not previously afforded that opportunity. 

In those early days, we had no idea if enough people would give financially so that these children would be able to attend the school. But there were so many caring people who committed to purchase our Back to School kits which turned our dream for Watson’s education, along with many others, into reality!!

Did you know that in 2017 Coreluv is responsible for sending NOT ONE, but 300 children back to school?  Most of those children live in dire poverty! This is a sobering fact to us and one for which we prayerfully carry the weight!!  We truly can not do what we do without faithful partners like you who compassionately give to our children in need!  We pray that God would move your heart to purchase a Back to School kit for one or more of our 300 children who need them this school year! 

One KIT at a time until they ALL go back to school,

Mike & Mandy Reiszner
and The Coreluv Team

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