How to Lead a Child to Christ
Mar 16, 2022

Two smiling children in Haiti

How to Lead a Child to Christ

As parents of young children, it’s easy to see the important work of others. We see missionaries in Haiti or those in full-time ministry and think, “Someday, I’ll have an impact like that!” But don’t lose the joy of the calling right in your home: leading your children to Christ!

At Coreluv, we provide the six basic needs for orphans, including a Christ-centered loving home. We want to see that home for ALL children — including yours! Here’s five steps to help you as you lead your children to know and love Jesus:

Step 1: Recognize you can’t save them! Though you love to bless your children, this is one gift you can’t give. The best thing you can do is show Jesus in your life, spending daily time in prayer and the Word, and talking about Jesus throughout your day.

Step 2: Explain the reality and consequence of sin. Jesus said the only way to enter heaven is to turn from sin and become like a child (Matt. 18:3). Many children gladly accept Jesus as Savior when they know what He saves them from! (Romans 3:23, 6:23)

Step 3: Encourage repentance — turning from sin and forsaking that way of living. Only Godly repentance leads to salvation. Most people are sorry when they get caught sinning, but have no intention of changing their actions (2 Cor. 7:9-10).

Step 4: Point to Jesus’ death and resurrection. When He died, He made full payment for sin. When He rose, He defeated death and now gives eternal life! Have your child, in their own words, call on Him as Savior! Everyone who calls on Jesus’ name will be saved. (Acts 2:21)

Step 5: Teach your children that a salvation prayer is just the start of a relationship with God. Jesus is now the center of their life, evidenced in power and love!

Remember, the best way to lead a child to Christ is to live it out! When you live a life pointing to Him, your children will thirst for the Living Water.

We pray these steps help guide spiritual conversations with your children, and that Jesus’ name will be known in your home and among the nations!

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