I Have Found My People
Apr 9, 2017

“We are longing for purpose and destiny to be revealed to us, but God desires to connect us through relationships with His people. There we will find His purposes for our lives!” – Heidi Reiszner

In short, what Heidi Reiszner was saying, she later shared, “Find your people. Find your purpose.” Becoming an official part of the Coreluv family in October of 2016, as a student in Coreluv’s School of Missions (SOM) program, I can confidently say, “I have found my people!” 

As a part of the Coreluv team, I have grown in relationships with leaders who relentlessly pursue Kingdom work. Life, throughout the past months, has been nothing less than a beautiful season of God pruning and growing me so that I can flourish in this walk with Him. He has proven over and over that I am “right where I need to be.”

In serving alongside our Stateside team, I have had the opportunity to know what it takes to sustain the organization and the needs of the children in our care. These experiences have emphasized the importance of BEING A VOICE for the fatherless.

The Marketing Department exists to do that very thing: BE A VOICE. As part of the team, my role has been to help better expand and develop the department through enhancing processes and media exposure and training new team members, in hopes to give our organization an even bigger voice for our children.

Our kids are not able to tell their stories to you or encourage you to be a part of their lives. They are dependent on those with a voice to do so. It has been an honor for the Lord to use me to speak out for them, to be a voice for the voiceless.

Outside of serving departments, the Lord has used SOM (School of Missions) to continue to show Himself to me in new, deeper ways. He challenges me to seek Him diligently, look for Him in every moment, and trust Him with all I have. There has yet to be a step that I have taken that He hasn’t met. Each day He proves that His promises are true and He is faithful.

Coreluv was recently an exhibitor at the Mobile Medical Missions Conference at Lakewood Church. Not only was it humbling to be among a body of other mission-minded followers, but the Lord used each conversation in sharing my connection with Coreluv and our mission, to refresh in me what God has asked me to do.

He brought me back to the moment when I saw the purest form of love through an orphaned girl. I was able to relive the day a newborn was brought to the orphanage because the Coreluv family was the only family she had to provide her with proper care. God wrecked my heart all over to show me: these are my people.

The first weekend of March, the Coreluv team attended the YWAM, Youth With A Mission, conference in Tyler, TX. It was incredible to worship with an audience of believers who shared that same passion and look around to see who I had by my side. It was a blessing to know that I not only have my immediate family that pushes and believes in me, but I am a part of another that does the same. My prayer for anyone searching for their purpose is for them to find their people.

I am so thankful to be a part of the Coreluv family and their heart to see me passionately chase the call to “Defend the Orphan” with them. One of my favorite things I have learned is that we are living a life of worship and surrender. The byproduct of our worship is serving the least of these. Defending the orphan.

The six-month stateside term has come to an end, and it is now time for the SOM group to return to Haiti for the next four-month term. I am praying God will bless our time there as we serve our children! Thank you in advance for your prayers throughout this journey! If you feel compelled to give a season of your life to missions, please learn more about Coreluv’s School of Missions here: coreluvsom.org.

Honored to defend,

Kelsey Sheffield

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