Jakinda’s Story
May 25, 2021


In October of 2015, a little girl was found by police wandering the streets of St. Marc, Haiti, with very little clothing, searching for food. Living on the streets, Jakinda had been forced to provide for herself by eating scraps of trash and would only drink water from a smashed up water bottle. The police brought her to social services, who then brought her to Coreluv to provide a loving home for her at the Coreluv Children’s Village in Myan.

Our staff patiently built a relationship with her, and she received the LUV of Jesus through having her six basic needs met, including a Christ-centered, loving home. Her parents and her name were unknown, so our “mammas” gave her the name Jakinda, which means “flower” or “gem.” She certainly embodies her name, as she reflects beauty and value as a daughter of her Heavenly Father!

As she grows older, Jakinda will be one of the children who will benefit from Coreluv’s Special Needs Village, a forever home where she can receive the care and LUV she needs. Make a gift to Coreluv in May, and your donation (and your impact) will be DOUBLED for children like Jakinda! Give now at coreluv.org/maymatch

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