Jamesly’s Story
May 4, 2021

Djamesly and Mamma Betty

Jamesly came to Coreluv when he was just over a year old. He was abandoned at the hospital by his parents, possibly because he suffers from hydrocephalus, which is a build-up of fluid in the brain. While it is hard to imagine a parent abandoning their child, it’s possible that his parents saw leaving him at the hospital as his best hope for survival, like when Moses’ mother lowered Moses into the Nile River to save him.

Shortly after arriving in our Coreluv family, Jamesly received a much-needed surgery to relieve pressure from his brain. He continues to grow, and loves to sing and will repeat words. His favorite word is “vini” (Haitian Creole for “come here”) which he shouts to his brothers and sisters. Mamma Betty, his nanny, has grown a special bond with him, and the two of them are rarely seen apart.

Through the care and LUV of his mammas (nannies) and brothers and sisters, Jamesly is getting stronger and learning how to do many new things.  He is attempting to roll over, sits and eats with assistance, and always has a smile on his face!

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