May Match 2020
May 1, 2020

Coreluv Family, hi!

Join us, TODAY May 1st thru May 31st for Coreluv’s Annual May Match Facebook Fundraiser Event! Thanks to generous donors, every donation made in the month of May is doubled.

2020 is the year in which our God-sized dreams of the past and our hopes for a brighter future collide today! This is where you come in. We need your help! Will you partner with us and double your impact, to see children provided for today, and expand impact for tomorrow?

Help us #DoubletheImpact and #DoubletheLuv by starting your own Facebook Fundraiser!

Please each create an individual Coreluv fundraiser: 

(1) Go to your personal Facebook Home Page OR Coreluv’s Facebook Page

(2) Click on Fundraisers

(3) Click on Raise Money

(4) Choose Coreluv as your Non-Profit

(5) Enter the amount you would like to raise

(6) Set to end May 31st

(7) SHARE the Fundraiser on your page

The part you are playing in the call to Defend the Orphan helps both the ongoing care of children in our care and the future expansion of hope in Haiti and around the world. We LUV our advocates and are so thankful for each one of you!

Defending Together,
Mike & Mandy Reiszner &
The Coreluv Team

Below are graphics for you to use in setting up your fundraiser and to invite others to start their own!

For more info, visit our May Match Event page on FB or coreluv.org/maymatch.

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