Meet Brenda!
Nov 17, 2023

Meet Brenda, one of the children in Coreluv's care in Haiti

Meet Brenda!

In January 2017, Brenda was brought to Coreluv by Haitian social services after she was abandoned at a local hospital. She was eight months old and had hydrocephalus, a rare condition where cerebral fluid surrounds the brain and spinal cord.

Discovering that no one could provide the care Brenda needed, she was brought to our Myan Children’s Village. She was welcomed into a home where she would be loved and cared for as every child should!

We are thankful that God allows us to care for children with rare medical conditions and special needs. He brought Brenda to us because He knew she would receive the care she deserves. In February 2017, Brenda received a much-needed surgery that placed a shunt in her head to relieve pressure and drain excess fluid. Since then, we have witnessed improvements in Brenda. She can make eye contact and smile. We continue to believe God for complete healing! Thank you for being a part of caring for children like Brenda!

Learn more about how you can provide sustaining care and the six basic needs for children like Brenda at coreluv.org/defender

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