Meet Djasmy
Aug 8, 2021

Meet Djasmy

Meet Djasmy!

Djamsy is 18 years old, and is the older brother of Dieudson and Lourvenson. He was brought to Coreluv in 2016 because his father was unable to care for him and his brothers after their mother passed away. His father wanted Djasmy and his brothers to have the opportunity to attend school, but was unable to provide even their most basic needs. All three boys are now in our care.

Djasmy studying in school in HaitiDjamsy’s favorite subject in school is geometry (and he’s really good at it). His dream is to work in agriculture and operate a farm one day. In order to attain this dream, he knows he must work hard, so he has enrolled in professional school and is learning the skill of plumbing.

He is entering 10th grade, which is a huge accomplishment in Haiti! His prayer request is that he would finish school without retaking any classes.

Thank you to all our donors who help provide the six basic needs, including education, for children like Djasmy!

Learn more about Coreluv’s Back to School campaign and how you can help send children in Haiti back to school at coreluv.org/backtoschool

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