Meet Edwan-Gina. Yesterday was her birthday!
Jan 2, 2018

Edwan-Gina was welcomed into the Coreluv Myan Children’s Village on June 30, 2015.

A couple of years ago, a local Haitian Pastor approached us after performing a funeral for a woman who had died during childbirth. He learned that her daughter, Edwan-Gina, and two other siblings were left behind with no one to properly take care of them.  The life situation of Edwan-Gina and her sisters warranted them being welcomed into our home at Myan.

Yesterday, January 1st, was Edwan-Gina’s birthday, she is now 11 years old. She is really athletic and likes to run and play games. She can put all the boys to shame when it comes to running if they aren’t careful. She is the middle child of the three siblings. While she has a competitive side, she is also very sweet and loving to everyone she meets. We are so excited to watch God’s plan for her life unfold.

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