Meet Frantzo
Oct 22, 2021


Meet Frantzo!

Frantzo’s mother died shortly after he was born. In April of 2006, he was brought to Faith Hope Love Infant Rescue. At six weeks old, Frantzo weighed just 6 lbs. and was severely malnourished and dehydrated. Later that year, in August 2006, Frantzo was hospitalized with bacterial meningitis. He spent an entire month in the hospital fighting for his life. Then, in December 2006, Frantzo got pneumonia and suffered a right-brain stroke. Miraculously, he survived once again. Frantzo’s development was delayed due to his repeated hospitalizations and stroke. Over time, physical therapy helped Frantzo learn how to walk. He has a sweet nature and a sweet voice, and is tender and happy. Frantzo likes to sing, and he cares for others.

Frantzo came to live in the Coreluv Myan Children’s Village in June of 2015. Frantzo’s sweet nature continues to unfold, and he is as tender and happy as ever!

Recently, Frantzo prayed to accept Jesus, and we are so excited for him as he begins his personal relationship with God. Our greatest joy is introducing our children to their Heavenly Father.

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