Meet Jacob, a 14 month old in need of a loving home, who was reunited with is brother.
Oct 3, 2017

Jacob as a toddler.

Jacob now, at 3 years old.

In March 2015, we received a call from a local and trusted pastor who knew of a 14 month old little boy named Jacob in desperate need of a home.

Jacob’s mother had been very sick and died while his father was nowhere to be found. Because no one could properly care for him and because he was without a loving home, Jacob was very vulnerable to disease, abuse, and malnourishment. This heartbreaking reality brought him to the Coreluv Children’s Village | Myan.

Jacob was barely walking and timid when he first came to us. The older boys were very welcoming to him since he was the first baby boy we had in our care.

To make this story even more incredible, we discovered that he is the brother of Casimir, who came  to us the year before because his mother was very sick and unable to care for him. At that time, Jacob was an infant and stayed with his mom. It has been amazing to see Casimir reunited with his little brother! Jacob has brought great joy to his life!

Today, you will find Jacob running around with the older boys, attending school, and smiling.

Thanks to our Coreluv partners, Jacob will grow up in a safe and loving home! He will grow to be a man of God!

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