Meet Maniqueson and Maniys
Nov 8, 2020

Maniys and Maniqueson posing for a portrait in Haiti

Maniqueson and Maniys were 12 and 10 years old when their lives suddenly changed forever, as their mother tragically passed away. The childhood they had known was suddenly gone, replaced with a world of uncertainty. Their father was unable to provide the care they needed, and so these brothers were left to fend for each other. Their lives became focused on survival.

In November 2015, everything changed when Maniqueson and Maniys were rescued by Coreluv, and began to receive their six basic needs — clean water, proper food, education, healthcare, job skills, and a Christ-centered loving home. And with their basic needs met, they also began to step back into something they had lost — their childhood. They were able to engage in fun again by playing games and being part of a family. They began to learn in school, and do all the things that kids like to do.

Now, they are thriving young men. Maniqueson loves art and being creative, and Maniys loves numbers and math. And they both love playing soccer. Their family may look different than yours or mine, but the love they have for each other is the same.

There is still a long journey ahead for these young men — a journey of healing and maturing and discovery. But over their lives, these brothers have developed a powerful brotherly bond that inspires everyone who has the privilege of meeting them.

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