Meet Mylove
Oct 22, 2021


Meet Mylove!

Mylove was one of the very first orphans our team met in Haiti, and one of the first names we learned when Coreluv began in 2011. Mylove’s story is significant as it not only reflects the power of God, but her name is a reminder to us that God deeply loves the orphan. We feel as if God was saying to our hearts, “It’s MY LOVE that will compel you to take care of these children.”

Mylove first came to Faith Hope Love Infant Rescue in Port Au Prince, Haiti when she was around a year old. Mylove’s mother passed away due to AIDS, as did her older brother. Mylove’s father brought her to the children’s home because he was mentally unable to take care of her. It was then discovered that Mylove had tuberculosis. Miss Dorothy, the director, helped nurse Mylove back to health, providing her with the needed medical care to treat tuberculosis. Not only did Mylove’s health improve, but she also tested NEGATIVE for HIV! We serve a big God!

After Miss Dorothy retired, Mylove joined the Coreluv Children’s Village in Myan where she has thrived! Mylove possesses a natural leadership ability, and we are certain that God has big things in store for her life.

Please pray for her as she matures and grows up to be the woman of God she was made to be!

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