Meet one of our children, Rosemanie!
Sep 19, 2017

Let me introduce you to Rosemanie. Rosemanie was part of the very first group of children that birthed our Myan Children’s Village. At fifteen years old Rosemanie is the oldest child in our Myan orphanage, and she’s become a role model to all the young girls. However, Rosemanie’s story didn’t start out quite like this.

In 2015 Coreluv was made aware that a children’s home in Gonaives, Haiti had closed it’s doors a year earlier which left seventeen children without a place to call home for the second time in their short lives. This forced the children to either move in with distant relatives, or be taken in by church members who were able and willing.

Rather than reopening the existing orphanage; Coreluv made the decision to create the Myan Children’s Village in Myan, Haiti. With the help of a local Pastor, who was the former director of the children’s home that had closed, we began to evaluate the children who most needed to come to the Myan Children’s Village.

Several years earlier that same Pastor was asked to perform a funeral for a woman who had died giving birth in Gonaives. This is when he was introduced to the story of Rosemanie and her sisters. You see, the woman who died was their mother. To make matters worse, Rosemanie’s father had expressed to the Pastor that he “existed, but was not living”, and that he “had nothing for himself, much less his children”. This is when the Pastor took the girls to his orphanage. After the orphanage closed it’s doors Rosemanie and her sisters were sent to live with their aunt who is single and does not have a job. This situation warranted Rosemanie and her sisters to be part of the very first group of children to be welcomed into our home at Myan.

On June 30, 2015 we opened the doors to The Myan Children’s Village in Myan, Haiti. Since opening our doors we’ve watched God raise up Rosemanie as a role model to the younger girls. She loves to sing, dance, and is always willing to help out in any way she can. She’s a natural leader and we know God has big plans to use her mightily for His Kingdom!

Rosemanie’s story is only made possible because of our Orphan Care Partners. Our partners give financially every month to Defend the Orphan. Every dollar given goes to the support and operations of our Myan Children’s Village. Would you consider being a part? Every dollar literally changes the trajectory of a child’s life.

Mike & Mandy Reiszner
and the Coreluv Team

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