Meet one of our children, Sobiersky!
May 28, 2017

In 2013, Coreluv began to provide resources for a Saturday morning Bible club and feeding program in partnership with a local church in Maissade, Haiti. As the program grew, so did Coreluv’s involvement in Maissade. On one of our visits, we discovered something that changed our lives forever: 40 orphaned children at the Bible club were desperate for food! These babies were without shelter, without proper care, and without HOPE! Our hearts were pierced with the Father’s love, and we knew we had to defend these precious orphans.

One of the children entrusted to Coreluv that day was Sobiersky. His parents were unable to properly provide for even his most basic needs and placed him with another group of people in hopes of a better life for him. His living situation did not turn out as expected and he found himself in a restavek situation- a child entrapped in slave labor. During the time that Sobiersky was staying with the other group of people, he did not get food to eat, and he was subjected to hard work. Because of the harsh conditions, he left and went to live with his aunt.

Sobiersky was only able to stay with his aunt for a short time because she was also unable to meet even his most basic needs. Because Sobiersky had no stable and loving home, he was subject to abuse and malnourishment. There was no question that he should come to the Coreluv Children’s Village | Maissade, where he can be loved and raised in a Christ-centered, loving home.

Today, he is receiving all of his basic needs in a healthy and loving environment! Sobiersky has the opportunity to be a 16-year-old boy and enjoy his childhood. We consider ourselves blessed that God entrusted him into Coreluv’s care! It is with great joy that we have been able, with your help, to complete the construction of a house for Sobiersky and our other children of Maissade, Haiti.

Would you like to join us to Defend the Orphan in Maissade, Haiti? Learn more about our Orphan Care Partnership Program and help us provide the six basic needs of Sobiersky and the other 39 children God has entrusted to our care in Maissade, Haiti.

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