Meet one of our children, Wilson!
Apr 3, 2017

Our mission is to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to orphans around the world by providing their six basic needs. Coreluv is honored to respond to the James 1:27 mandate to Defend the Orphan. 

In April 2015, Pastor Johnny, our Myan Children’s Village Orphanage Director, was contacted by a member of his home church in Port au Prince about an infant named Wilson who was in desperate need of a home.  

Wilson’s mother was not willing to care for him. Although relatives interceded for him, they were unable to provide the necessary protection and care he needed from a mother who eventually abandoned him in Port au Prince. Pastor Johnny was contacted because those who found Wilson knew Pastor Johnny worked with an orphanage. 

When presented with this situation, there was no question that Wilson needed to join the Coreluv family in Myan, Haiti, where he would be loved and cared for as every child should. 

Wilson was malnourished when he first came to us and slept a lot during the recovery phase. Now, if you visit our Coreluv Myan Children’s Village, you will see Wilson, who has only been walking for a few months, learning to run. He is still a little awkward but his adventurous spirit has him chasing other children around the orphanage and venturing out further and further from his crib, discovering the world around him. 

Thanks to the faithful partners of our Orphan Care Partnership Program, Wilson will grow up in a loving and safe home where each of his needs will be met, as he grows into becoming a man of faith and integrity.

Will you help us defend the children, like Wilson, that God has entrusted to us? Click here, and join our Orphan Care Partnership Program to sustain the needs of our children, to ensure the have a bright, hopeful future. 

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