Meet Osias, aka Biggie
Nov 29, 2023

Osias, aka Biggie, is one of the children in Coreluv's care in Haiti

Meet Osias, aka Biggie!

Osias’ mother passed away while giving birth to him. That left him with his father, who was an elderly man in poor health, unable to provide for even his most basic needs. With no one to properly care for him, he required a loving home. This heartbreaking reality brought him to Coreluv.

Osias came to Coreluv’s Myan Children’s Village in Haiti at just a year old. He began receiving his six basic needs and the LUV of Jesus there. Over time, he learned about his Heavenly Father and his identity as a child of God.

Today, he is full of life, eats well, and loves playing! He radiates joy to all who meet him, and we can’t wait to see all that God has in store for his life!

All of this is made possible by Defenders — monthly partners who provide sustaining support for the children in our care. Learn more about how you can provide for children like Osias at coreluv.org/defender

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