Meet Osias, aka Biggy
Jul 24, 2017

In March 2014, Coreluv learned of fourteen orphaned children through a relationship with Pastor Nathan, a local pastor who knew these children were in desperate need. The fourteen children rescued that day were the first children to make the Coreluv Children’s Village | Myan their home. Osias was one of those children.

Osias’s mother passed away after giving birth to him. His father is an older man, in very poor health and is unable to provide for even his most basic needs. Because no one could properly care for him and provide a loving and secure home, he was very vulnerable to malnourishment, disease, and abuse. This heartbreaking reality brought him to the Coreluv Children’s Village | Myan.

When Osias first came to the orphanage, he was malnourished and very reserved. Today, he is full of life, eats very well, and loves to play!

Thanks to our Coreluv partners, Osias will grow up in a safe and loving home! He is growing up healthy and learning about the love of God!

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