Meet Phara and Rebecca
Aug 16, 2021

Phara and Rebecca

Meet Phara and Rebecca!

Phara and Rebecca lived their first few years in instability. Their mother passed away when they were babies, and unfortunately, their father couldn’t take proper care of them and handed them over to their grandmother. Soon after, their grandmother passed away and they were both brought to Coreluv in 2014.

Phara was four and Rebecca two when they arrived.

Though they faced tremendous poverty and abandonment at such a young age, they are now receiving their six basic needs and the LUV of Jesus!

Today, Phara dreams of being a doctor. Her favorite subject in school is math, and she loves the color blue!

Rebecca, on the other hand, loves pink and wants to be a nurse one day, but just like her sister, she loves math!

This September, these precious sisters will be spending their fifth year at Coreluv in a classroom, receiving a quality education! In Haiti, education is a privilege few can afford.

This opportunity is possible for Phara and Rebecca because of compassionate donors who give in Coreluv’s Back To School Campaign.

You can be part of sending these girls, and over 400 children just like them, back to school this fall! Donate now at coreluv.org/backtoschool

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