Meet Poutchino
Feb 8, 2021

Poutchino’s Story

Orphans with special needs are especially vulnerable to abandonment and neglect, which is why we have said YES in Jesus’ name to caring for many children with special needs in Haiti. 

This Valentine’s Day, as we celebrate #14DaysofLUV, we’d like to share a story of God’s heart for one of these precious children.

In December 2005, Poutchino was in desperate need of care. He had hydrocephalus, a condition caused by fluid buildup in the brain. Without family to provide the care he needed, he was brought to Faith Hope Love Infant Rescue. 

He received his first surgery at the hospital, which was successful in providing some relief. At that time, he was not able to move, sit up, or turn over. He was later brought to Coreluv’s Myan Children’s Village and welcomed into a loving family.

Through therapy, additional surgeries, and the LUV of Jesus, he began to develop muscle tone. Over time, he learned to walk, interact with others, and laugh.

Today, his needs are met and he continues to thrive! He has a beautiful smile and a sweet nature that’s evident to all who meet him. And he is growing day by day.

Will you partner with us this Valentine’s Day to continue caring for children like Poutchino, and allow us to rescue more children in desperate need of care?

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