Meet Richardson, aka ChaCha
Oct 22, 2021

Richardson aka ChaCha

Meet ChaCha!

His first name is Richardson, but everyone calls him ChaCha (pronounced “Sha Sha”). ChaCha was brought by his aunt to a children’s home in Haiti called Faith Hope Love Infant Rescue, owned by a dear friend of Coreluv, Miss Dorothy. ChaCha was in poor health and had almost died of dehydration, but Miss Dorothy nursed him back to health and returned him to his family.

After seeing him a few months later with two burns that looked intentional, she took him back into her care. After Miss Dorothy retired, ChaCha joined Coreluv’s Myan Children Village.

ChaCha is receiving his six basic needs and growing up quickly! He’s a calculating thinker, and his favorite subject in school is mathematics! His dream is to one day be a doctor. ChaCha has begun trade school, and is studying the trade of plumbing.

He is currently enrolled in 10th grade, which is a huge accomplishment in Haiti! He is asking for prayer that he would grow to become a great and respectful man. He’d also like prayer to finish and pass all of his classes this school year.

ChaCha is truly servant hearted and dearly loved by all who know him. Thank you for being a part of providing ChaCha a brighter future!

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