Meet Rohini!
Nov 17, 2023

Meet Rohini, one of the children who attends one of Coreluv's feeding centers in South Asia

Meet Rohini!

Rohini attends one of our feeding centers in South Asia. She and her brother have been faithfully attending the feeding center since 2020 after they lost their father. Their mother is a day laborer, as well as a teacher at our feeding center, who has been able to take care of her family because of this job opportunity.

Rohini is very active in her studies and is also very social; she loves to hang out with the children in her community! Because of your support, she now has a brighter future.

Please pray for Rohini and her family as they grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally! Pray that they would come to know their Heavenly Father as their comforter and provider.

Learn more about how you can provide daily meals and educational classes for children like Rohini at coreluv.org/defender

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