Meet Rosa
Oct 9, 2021


Meet Rosa!

Rosa is a remarkable young woman with a bright future, though she has overcome tremendous challenges to get to where she is today.

When she was very young, both of her parents passed away from AIDS, leaving her with HIV and tuberculosis. None of her extended family was able to care for her or provide her basic needs, so she was brought to a children’s home run by Miss Dorothy, an American missionary in Haiti. After arriving there, Rosa was immediately taken to a hospital in Port au Prince where she was put on a treatment for tuberculosis and HIV.

A few years later, Rosa was brought to Coreluv’s Myan Children’s Village with her siblings from Miss Dorothy’s children’s home, where she continued to receive her basic needs and thrive as a young girl.

Today, Rosa carries a very gentle and quiet spirit. She loves to learn and enjoys singing and dancing with the other girls. She is learning sewing skills as part of Coreluv’s Transition Program, and dreams of being a doctor one day.

Please pray for her as she matures from a girl to a young woman. Pray that she will be a Christian leader in Haiti!

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