Meet Rosemica!
Nov 17, 2023

Meet Rosemica, one of the young adults in Coreluv's transition housing in Haiti

Meet Rosemica!

When Rosemica was very young, her father passed away, leaving her with her mother, who suffered from mental health challenges and was not able to care for Rosemica properly.

Rosemica was welcomed into the Myan Children’s Village in 2015. She became a big sister to many of the younger girls. She loved to spend time playing tag and helping make everyone feel welcome and loved. She is full of joy and laughter and pretty good at sports, too!

In 2023, Rosemica moved into Coreluv’s first transition home for young women! There, she is receiving spiritual development, education and job skills, and life skills training to prepare her for adulthood. We believe she will be a Christian leader in Haiti. Thank you for making stories like this possible!

Learn more about how you can provide sustaining care and the six basic needs for young adults like Rosemica at coreluv.org/defender

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